Tulu Ush Shams

Chief Technical Director

Japan Karate Association World Federation Bangladesh

Sensei Tulu Ush Shams, started his Karate training during early 90’s under CJKS (Chattogram Jela Krira Sangstha) Karate training program. Sensei Shams received his Shodan at CJKS in 1997.

He became champion in both individual and open weight kumite category at CJKS karate championship in 1998. Became 4th in 7th Bangladesh Games where Chittagong District Karate team took part for the first time. Became District runner-up in Team kumite for Chittagong Abahani Ltd in the 1st CJKS Karate league in 2001.Became Chittagong District champion again in 2005 by winning gold both in +75 kg kumite and Open kumite category while became runner-up in individual Kata category.

He is a direct student of Sensei Tetsuro Kitamura (5th Dan), the national karate coach of Bangladesh; also the longest, closest and the most dedicated student among those who trained under sensei Kitamura in Chittagong. He also trained with Sensei Sunichi Takaura(3rd Dan), a member of famous Takshoku University Karate Club, who was sent by JOCV as karate coach of Bangladesh National Team. In 2005 he became the first and the only karate player to participate in any form of World Karate Championship representing Bangladesh Team from Chittagong.

He became the first international Black belt holder, trained in Tokyo HQ of ‘Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) Japan, in the history of Chittagong as he was tested and graded Sandan (3rd Dan) at Tokyo in 2014 by the world-famous Shotokan master Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan). He is the second person in the history of Bangladesh to be graded by SKIF at that level. He was trained under many famous Shotokan legends including Masao Kawasoe(8th Dan), Manabu Murakami(8th Dan), Nobuaki Kanazawa (8th Dan), Shinji Tanaka(7th Dan), Ryusuke Suzuki(7th Dan), Fumitoshi Kanazawa(6th Dan) along with JKA Tokyo HQ member Sensei Dr.David Hooper(4th Dan), JKA HQ Instructor and former JKA World Champions Shihan Toshihiro Mori(8th Dan), Shihan Kunio Kobayoshi(7th Dan) and Shihan Katsutoshi Shiina (7th Dan), Kazuaki Kurihara(6th Dan),Koji Chubachi(5th Dan), Keisuke Nemoto(6th Dan).

He was a member of Chittagong District Karate Committee for two terms before he became the Joint-Secretary of the same in 2005, position which he subsequently held for consecutive two more terms. He is still serving as the Joint-Secretary of Chittagong District Karate Committee.
Trained in Karate competition rules & refereeing of World Karate Federation (WKF) under Sensei Kitamura, he twice became the highest graded referee in Chittagong graded by both Bangladesh Karate Federation and Bangladesh Karate referees Association. He famously became the first referee in the history of Bangladesh, certified as ‘Chief Referee Continental’ both by World Union of Karate-do Organization (WUKO) and World Union of Karate-do Federation (WUKF) in 2008 and 2010. He is the only person in Bangladesh to hold this license. He became the first General Secretary of Chittagong Karate Referees Association.

One of the epic achievements of his karate career is to become the first person in the history of Bangladesh to Pass Asian Karate Federation Judges exam in April, 2019 in both Kata and Kumite division at the same time and at the first instance. He was among the first 3 Internationally Licensed Referees allowed for the first time in the history of Bangladesh to officiate in the SAF Games, that held in Nepal as 13th SAF Games in 2019.
In 2015, as an epic milestone for the history of karate in Bangladesh, he became the first and only officially recognized representative of the Japan Karate Association (JKA)’, the largest and the most famous karate organization of the world. He became the first person in the history of Bangladesh to have trained in the JKA HQ at Tokyo, Japan when he was invited to JKA HQ in 2015.
He was graded Yondan (4th Dan) by JKA in 2014 and Godan (5th Dan) in 2020. He also holds Instructor qualification license, Judge qualification license and Examiner qualification license under the licensing examination held in 2018 under Japan Karate Association World Federation.

He is the founder of JKA WF Bangladesh (president of which is the honourable mayor of Chittagong City Corporation Mr.A.J.M NasirUddin) and currently holds the position of Chief Technical Director of JKA WF Bangladesh.
On March 2022, He got elected as the Joint-Secretary of Bangladesh Karate Federation. On the same year BKF nominated him as the Chairman of BKF ‘Referee Commission’ as well as Secretary of ‘Technical and Dan Gradation committee’ of the same.
Other than his international grading from JKA and SKIF he is also graded as a 4th Dan from Chittagong District Sports Association, 3rd Dan from Shotokan Karate International Bangladesh, 5th Dan from Bangladesh Karate Federation while awarded 5th Dan by World Union of Karate-d0 Federation (WUKF). He is a life member of Japan Karate Federation (JKF) as well.

He also was the ‘Instructor in-charge of Karate at Chittagong District Sports Association (CJKS) for the period from 2010 to 2021.
He is a master in commerce and an MBA from commonwealth of learning. Along with these he is a Chartered Accountancy course completed and CA professional level II partly completed from KPMG Rahman Rahman Huq, the most renowned chartered accountancy firm of Bangladesh. As an entrepreneur, he is serving as managing director in a number of organizations.

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