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JKA DHAKA CAMP All JKA WF BANGLADESH Branch Head & member are expected to enroll JKA DHAKA CAMP on 26th – 27th April 2024 to be held at Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Indoor Stadium, Bangabandhu National Stadium Rd, Dhaka from 09:00 am through 06:00 pm. 26/04/2024 • 08:30 AM: Reporting • 09:00 AM: Kihon • 12:30 PM: Lunch Break • 02:30 PM: Kata 27/04/2024 • 09:00 AM: Kumite • 08:30 AM: Reporting • 12:30 PM: Lunch Break • 02:30 PM: Kata • 04:00 PM: JKA Shobu Ippon Rules Enrollment Fee : BDT : 300/- (JKA Member) BDT : 400/- (Non JKA Member) Learn authentic JKA Shotokan Karate. For Enrollment please contact below Ibrahim Wasi Treasurer, JKA WF Bangladesh. Cell : +8801612900075 #jkawfibangladesh#japankarateassociation#NihonKarateKyokai#jkakarate#karateeducationjkanews#karatelife#karatecompetition#karate#karatechampionship#karatetraining

SEP 1 AT 9 AM – SEP 2 AT 6 PM Details Event by JKA WF Bangladesh and Jka WfBangladesh Burmese Market COVID-19 health and safety requirements: Learn more about COVID-19 guidelines Duration: 2 days Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook We are thrilled to extend this invitation to you to be a part of our upcoming Instructor Training Camp as a distinguished instructor. The Instructor Training Camp is an exciting event aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of Karate while enhancing participants’ skills and techniques. We believe that your expertise in Karate would be a perfect fit to guide and inspire aspiring martial artists in their journey. Event Details:Name: JKA WF BANGLADESH – Instructor Summer Training Camp 2023Hosted By: JKA Cox’s BazarDates: September 1st to September 2ndLocation: Abu Centre, Burmese Market (3rd Floor), Cox’s Bazar Your experience as a skilled Karate practitioner and instructor would greatly benefit the camp’s…

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Russian Traditional Karate Federation held Summer Gasshukus for Children. Two summer gasshukus were held for children by the instructors of the RTKF. On June 12-14 the children trained in the Pokrovskoe recreation centre (Moscow Region). The young karateka had three training sessions a day. The morning session was held outdoors. The trainings were conducted by Vladislav Eloyan, President of the RTKF, 5th Dan JKA, Sergey Strizhak, 5th Dan JKA, and Alexander Goncharov, 5th Dan JKA. The children learnt Tekki-1 and practiced Sanbon, Gohon, and Kihon Ippon kumite. The other gasshuku took place on June 20 – July 2 in the city of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast. The gasshuku was conducted by Dmitry Zhavoronkov, 5th Dan JKA, and Angelina Zhavoronkova, 2nd Dan JKA. Special attention was paid to Heian 1-5, Tekki-1, and Bassai Dai. A lot of time was devoted to structured and free kumite. Vladislav Eloyan, President of…

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Classes on Saturdays are cancelled. We have no class on Sunday and Japanese holiday as usual.

Jorgen Bura Shihan, 8th Dan, passed away on 9th July 2023. He devoted himself to developing and promoting JKA Karate-do in Europe as well as Denmark during his lifetime. He led Karate in Europe as an excellent Karateka and supported JKA HQ with his competence as the member of Shihan-kai and the International Board of Directors. We feel that Japan Karate Association lost the great treasure. It’s impossible to imagine the sadness and sense of loss of his family and members of JKA Denmark. We would like to pray for the repose of his soul and offer you all our deepest condolences.

After two completely canceled editions due to covid and last year’s one-day camp only, exclusively with Belgian instructors, we as the organization were very pleased to welcome back this year several instructors from JKA Headquarters: Mori sensei, Taniyama sensei and Igarashi sensei. It is now 30 years since S. Miyazaki Shihan left us, but his spirit lives in Belgium up to the present time. He still holds a special place in hearts of Belgian karatekas. All three instructors arrived a day earlier and stayed a day longer. Ideal for fraternizing and bonding with some old acquaintances. This is because the international JKA camp S. Miyazaki offers a broad social forum in addition to the trainings. The instructors were enthusiastically welcomed at the airport on Thursday, June 29th and they set for Ghent. After short recovery from the night flight followed by some sightseeing in the center of the old town, they…

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“2023 JKA Autumn Joint Training Camp” will be held from October 12th (Thu) to 15th (Sun) at JKA-HQ dojo. After this Camp, we the JKA has planned an optional tour to Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate, from  October 17th (Tue) to 20th (Fri). We hope you will take this opportunity to learn from famous Okinawa Karate Grand Masters who still carry on the origins of karate and make use of it in your JKA life!